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National Gardening Survey 2022

2022 National Gardening Survey

The 2022 National Gardening Survey (NGS) has important value-added content. The 2022 NGS incorporates key psychographic and behavioral questions and responses previously only available from the supplemental "What Gardener's Think" survey, which was only conducted every few years. Jim Feison returns with another extensive and insightful commentary.
National Gardening Survey 2021

2021 National Gardening Survey

The 2021 National Gardening Survey is the comprehensive market research report that leaders in the lawn and garden industry count on each year to track the market and help them make strategic marketing decisions. COVID and its affects on the gardening industry is the primary focus of the extensive and insightful commentary provided by Jim Feinson (Strategic advisor and former CEO of Gardener's Supply Company).
What Gardeners Think

2021 What Gardeners Think Survey

How much do you really know about American lawn and garden consumers and what they think? How has the COVID pandemic affected the thoughts and attitudes of the American gardeners? Will they continue to garden after COVID, and why (or why not?) This study includes analysis and commentary from Charlie Nardozzi, gardening author, speaker and consultant.