Garden Research
2010 Hard Times Lawn & Garden Survey

Published in April of 2010, this survey looked back to the previous year of 2009, the final year of the Great Recession, and asked gardeners a series of important questions about how their habits changed during the recession.

How did gardeners respond to the recession? And today, more than a decade later, what kind of insight can we learn from their behaviors? Look back to the previous economic downturn and use this knowledge in your strategic planning as you brace your business for the challenging years ahead.

This 119 page report is packed with data. The first half interprets the survey responses with informative charts, tables and graphs, and the second half contains the full cross tabulations of all the responses.

Topics Covered:

  • The affect of the economy on Lawn & Garden sales and consumer spending
  • Change in time spent on Lawn & Garden activities compared to previous years
  • Most important reasons why people participate in L&G activities
  • Money and labor saving practices people used
  • Gardening topics people are most interested in
  • What's most important in selecting garden products to buy?
  • Residential lawn and landscaping services
  • Lawn and garden sales outlook

This report is 12 years old and has been pulled from the archives of the National Gardening Association for the first time in over a decade and made available as a downloadable PDF under a corporate license to our customers at the very low price of $300. Purchasing this report permits you to share it with your team in your organization. We hope it benefits you as you plan for the years ahead. Want more historical surveys? Check out our 1981-1982 National Gardening Survey.