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Custom Garden Market Research Services

As competition for sales in the consumer lawn and garden market continue to increase every year, the role of market research to help your company maintain and increase sales and your market share has become more important. With over 35 years of experience, Garden Research’s custom research has helped companies improve their brand awareness, positioning, product development, strategic planning, investor relations, web-sites, and more. We know both the consumer and the market intimately and use a variety of market research approaches to produce results that are accurate, complete, and actionable.

Our services include research design, survey development, data collection, tabulation of results, analysis, and presentation of findings. We regularly conduct both quantitative and qualitative research studies including: National Gardening Survey Research, Industry Studies, Association Surveys, On-Line Research, Telephone Surveys, and Focus Groups.

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Examples of market research:

  • Brand Awareness and Equity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Competition Research
  • New Product Development
  • Rating of Product Features/Benefits
  • Market Segmentation
  • Consumer Motivation
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Gardening Practices
  • Market Size and Composition
  • Price Testing
  • Category Reviews
  • Purchasing by Retail Channel
  • Internet Use
  • Likelihood of Purchase
  • Identify and Define Marketing Opportunities
  • Catalog Purchasing


National Gardening Survey Research

The National Gardening Survey provides a unique opportunity for companies to conduct nationwide custom market research on an exclusive and confidential basis. Each year the National Gardening Survey tracks the U.S. consumer lawn and garden market. In addition to the information we collect and publish in our annual National Gardening Survey Report, we also provide companies with the opportunity to add proprietary market research questions to our established study to help with the development of their business. Following are some of the reasons why many successful companies in the lawn and garden industry have used the National Gardening Survey to obtain market research that is more credible, reliable, and cost effective than research from other sources.

CredibilityFor more than 35 years the National Gardening Survey has been the primary source of information about U.S. lawn and garden consumers. It is well-known, highly regarded, and the most frequently quoted source of information about the consumer lawn and garden market.

Reliability. The quantitative research methods used by Research Now, SSI provide results that are nationally representative, projectable, and trend consistently from year to year. Research Now, SSI's work is highly respected and they have earned an excellent reputation for integrity because the public opinion and market research studies they conduct are accurate. Research design, questionnaire development, sampling, data collection, weighting, data processing, and presentation of results are all done following proven market research methodologies, state-of-the-art techniques, and the highest level of professional standards.

Cost EffectivenessThe National Gardening Survey already asks a number of questions about consumer demographics, region/section of the country, size of community, and detailed information about household lawn and garden participation, spending, purchases of 120 types of lawn and garden products, and retail outlets where products were purchased during the past year. Because proprietary market research questions become an integral part of our established survey, and companies are charged only for their exclusive questions, you benefit by not having to pay for information we are already collecting. The amount of detail this provides is invaluable when it comes time to analyze the results, look for correlations, and draw meaningful conclusions.

We have researched a wide variety of topics for many companies in the National Gardening Survey. Companies use this information to improve product positioning, targeting of the best customers, advertising, sales presentations, packaging, marketing communications, public relations, and strategic planning.

Many companies in the consumer lawn and garden business don't have their own in-house market research staff or may have limited experience with market research. Paul Cohen, Garden Research's research director, will work directly with you to make sure the research is focused to meet your specific needs and objectives.

The cost for proprietary research in the National Gardening Survey is reasonable, our work is confidential, and we pride ourselves in delivering results on-time and on-budget. We would be happy to talk more with you about market research we might conduct for your company and to answer any questions you may have. Please send inquiries to [email protected].