Garden Research
1981-1982 National Gardening Survey

Published way, way back in 1982, this survey looked back to the ten years from 1971 through 1981, and asked gardeners a series of important questions about how their habits changed during the turbulent years of high inflation led on by the oil crisis of the 70s.

How did gardeners respond to high inflation and a deep recession? And today, 40 years later, what kind of insight can we learn from their behaviors? Look back to the previous period of inflation and use this knowledge in your strategic planning as you brace your business for the challenging years ahead.

This 306 page report is an amazing and unique window into the past from the perspective of the gardening consumer faced with uncertainty, political changes (Reagan had just won!), and shocking inflation. The report was produced by NGA's Bruce Butterfield, and he makes the scene come alive with his interesting commentary and charts and tables showing the trends that consumers practiced during the 70s and into the early 80s.

Topics covered:

  • Extensive pages of insightful commentary
  • The Vegetable Garden Market
  • Gross National Home Garden Product
  • Tools, Materials, Appliances
  • Inflation shaping leisure patterns
  • Where did gardeners get their information (it wasn't the internet!)
  • Profiles of the American Gardener
  • Methods and Techniques Gardeners Used
  • The Non-Gardeners
  • Community Gardening
  • Changing Food Systems
  • Politics, Farm-Food Marketing Bill, Energy Prices Paid by Farmers, World Grain Inventories
  • Major Lawn and Garden Activities
  • Food Preservation

...and much more. This report is 40 years old and has been pulled from the archives of the National Gardening Association for the first time ever and made available as a downloadable PDF with a corporate license to our customers at the very low price of $300. Purchasing this report permits you to share it with your team in your organization. We hope it benefits you as you plan for the years ahead. Want more? We also have the 2010 Hard Time Survey.