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What Gardeners Think Survey 2021 Edition

426 pages including extensive commentary

How much do you really know about American lawn and garden consumers and what they think? How has the COVID pandemic affected the thoughts and attitudes of the American gardeners? Will they continue to garden after COVID, and why (or why not?) This study includes analysis and commentary from Charlie Nardozzi, gardening author, speaker and consultant.

A snippet from Charlie Nardozzi's Commentary:

"Gardeners participated higher than the historical average in all of the 2020 lawn and gardening activities and 66% say they participated in a new gardening activity in 2020. They're interested, passionate, and potentially shifting the gardening world."

This unique report reveals important information about the types of gardeners in America, their attitudes, and what motivates them. Our original study provides detailed, factual data that will help leaders in the lawn and garden market make strategic marketing decisions. Our updated survey includes the following topics:

  • Gardening by generation
  • Type of gardener segmentation
  • Attitudes about gardening
  • Benefits of gardening
  • Why people don't currently do more gardening
  • What would encourage people to do more gardening.
  • Biggest lawn and garden problems and challenges

A representative sample of more than 2,000 households was surveyed by Dynata to obtain the data in this report, which includes complete tables for each survey question broken down by region of the country, gender, generation, age, marital status, education, household size, presence of children, and employment status.

Table of Contents

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