What Gardeners Think Survey 2012 Edition

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How much do you really know about American lawn and garden consumers and what they think? This unique report reveals important information about the types of gardeners in America, their attitudes, and what motivates them. Our original study provides detailed, factual data that will help leaders in the lawn and garden market make strategic marketing decisions. Our updated survey includes the following topics:

  • Gardening by generation
  • Type of gardener segmentation
  • Attitudes about gardening
  • Benefits of gardening
  • Why people don't currently do more gardening
  • What would encourage people to do more gardening.
  • Lawn and garden participation, spending, and shopping in the economic downturn
  • Lawn and garden information sources and topics most interested in
  • Biggest lawn and garden problems and challenges
  • Important factors in deciding where to purchase lawn and garden products

Topics In This Edition:

  • How the current economic downturn is impacting lawn and garden participation, spending, and shopping in each "generation" category
  • Preferred sources of lawn and garden information and topics of greatest interest
  • America's Lawn and Landscape challenges

A representative sample of more than 2,500 households was surveyed by Harris Interactive to obtain the data in this 192-page report, which includes complete tables for each survey question broken down by region of the country, gender, generation, age, marital status, education, household size, presence of children, and employment status.

Table of Contents 

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