Environmental Lawn & Garden Survey 2012 Edition

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The Environmental Lawn & Garden Survey consumer market research report looks at how environmentally responsible consumers are in caring for their lawns and gardens. This timely research takes an in-depth look at the most important factors relating to current lawn and garden practices and consumers' interest in and demand for all-natural, organic lawn and garden products in the future.

Ten important topics addressed include:

  • The Environmental Scorecard: An evaluation of how environmentally responsible current household practices are for tending lawns and landscapes. We rate how well consumers are doing based on their participation in a dozen recommended lawn and garden practices
  • The number of all-natural, organic lawn and garden consumers today compared to those who use conventional fertilizers, insect controls and weed controls.
  • Households that buy all-natural organic lawn and garden fertilizer, insect controls, and weed controls compared to those that buy conventional fertilizer, insect controls and weed controls.
  • Why people use all-natural, organic lawn and garden methods.
  • The importance of maintaining lawns and landscapes in an environmentally friendly way
  • Characteristics of the all-natural, organic lawn and garden consumers
  • How knowledgeable consumers are about environmentally friendly lawn and landscape practices.
  • Households that currently hire conventional lawn and landscape services compared to those that hire all-natural services, and how many households would like to hire all-natural services in the future.
  • Households that are likely to start using all-natural, organic gardening methods in the future.

 A representative sample of more than 2,000 households was surveyed by Harris Interactive to obtain the data included in this unique report. All the facts and figures have been compiled, cross-tabulated, analyzed and presented in this factual, in-depth report. The report includes complete tables for each survey question, broken down by region of the country, gender, age, marital status, education, household size, presence of children in the household, and employment status of all respondents. The report is published electronically as a PDF.

 Table of Contents

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