About Us

Garden Research, a division of the National Gardening Association, is a well-known and widely recognized authority on the U.S. consumer lawn and garden market.

Since 1973, we have worked with the Gallup Organization, Harris Interactive, and now Research Now/SSI to provide market research information for the lawn, garden, and nursery industries.

Our market research reports and research services have helped companies identify and define marketing opportunities. Our reports and services also help companies improve their advertising, sales presentations, brand awareness, positioning, product development, strategic planning, customer satisfaction, investor relations, mail order catalogs, websites, and more. 

Garden Research services include research design, survey development, data collection, results tabulation, analysis, and presentation of findings. We regularly conduct both quantitative and qualitative research studies including National Gardening Survey research and proprietary market research.

About Paul Cohen

paul-cohen1.jpgPaul has over 40 years of direct marketing and marketing research experience. He began his career in the list business at Names Unlimited in New York. In 1977 he joined Garden Way, Inc. as a direct mail manager where he had an integral role in developing the direct mail program for the Troy-Bilt Rototiller. He was promoted to Director of Research in 1983 and later became Garden Way’s Director of Research and New Business Development.

In 1985 Paul joined the American Contract Bridge League as Director of Marketing.There he was responsible for new member recruitment, public relations, member retention, product sales, and the publishing of the league’s monthly magazine.

Paul is currently a professor in the Department of Business Administration at Castleton University in Vermont and principal of Paul Cohen & Associates.

Paul has conducted research for a host of organizations including Brookstone, L.L. Bean, Chadwick’s of Boston, Pleasant Company (American Girl), Gardener’s Supply Company, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Plow and Hearth, Country Life Magazine, Eating Well Magazine, and The American Contract Bridge League. Paul has personally designed, implemented, and analyzed over 100 consumer surveys and focus groups. Paul has been a speaker and panelist at Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conferences and has guest lectured at colleges and universities around the country as part of the DMA’s Visiting Executive Program.

Paul Cohen & Associates| Paul.cohen@castleton.edu | (802) 779-1809


About Ian Baldwin

ian-2-4-6-15.jpgRetail business consultant Ian Baldwin was born in England and has worked in the nursery industry since he was 16, holding a BSc in Horticulture (London) and an MBA from Medway in England. He has lived in California since 1986 and is an American citizen.

For over 30 years Ian has consulted for the best L&G companies in N. America and Europe on store-planning, merchandising, “retail detail”, team and business leadership and increasingly, financial success. Ian is a trained trainer and facilitator, has been an expert witness, a “Strategic Retreat” leader and a market analyst. 

Through his national network groups of owners and managers, Ian has access to POS data and trends in the garden retail and hardware channels.

His “Gap” theory, identifying the key performance indicators for retail profitability, has helped many independent retailers thrive while others have faltered. 

Ian writes a regular blog on industry trends (http://ianbaldwin.com/blog/) and is a featured speaker at many L&G meetings. Over the years he has been retained by The ANLA, Armstrong Garden Centers, The National Gardening Association, Ball Horticulture, Epicor, Westlake Ace Hardware and The Scotts Company. 

His business management program “The Garden Center University” (www.gardencenteruniversity.com) has set the standard for future training in the business of the retail garden business and is fully subscribed at each enrolment.

For the last five years Ian has been asked by the National Gardening Association to analyze and comment on their “National Gardening Survey”, giving him a unique insight into the consumers’ attitudes and shopping behavior in the L&G industry. 

Ian Baldwin - (916)-682-1069 | ian@ianbaldwin.com | Web: www.ianbaldwin.com


In Memory of Bruce Butterfield


Bruce Butterfield started his career as the Market Research Director at the National Gardening Association in 1978 and continued that work as the Research Director at GardenResearch.com until September 2016. A well-known and respected name in the gardening industry he has been responsible for conducting and reporting results of the annual National Gardening Survey for more than 35 years. These many years of experience doing market research about gardeners and gardening trends gave him a unique understanding of who gardeners are, what they need and want, why they buy the products they do, where they shop, how gardening trends have changed in the past, and where they are headed in the future. It's clear that the lawn and garden business is in for some big changes and challenges as Baby-Boomers transition to retirement, Millennials become a major market force and people spend more screen time with their electronic devices than they do gardening.

What Gardeners’ Think and the Environmental Lawn and Garden Survey are research studies Butterfield was also responsible for. What Gardeners Think is a benchmark segmentation and psychographic study of the types of U.S. gardeners and their attitudes, opinions, values, demographics, gardening practices and interests. The Environmental Lawn & Garden Survey looks at how environmentally responsible consumers are in caring for their lawns and gardens and takes an in-depth look at the most important factors relating to current lawn and garden practices and consumers' interest in and demand for all-natural, organic lawn and garden products in the future.

Each year Butterfield had also conducted a number of custom research studies and included proprietary research questions on the National Gardening Survey for companies in the lawn and garden business on an exclusive and confidential basis to help with their business development.